Wednesday Oct 12, 2016

Kenneth R. Kehmna

Fire Chief Santa Clara County Fire Dept.

Santa Clara County Fire Department

Introduced by: Moira Sullivan

Chief Kehmna will visit our Club and give us an update on Fire Safety and the coverage provided by the Department for Los Gatos.

We will likely hear about the Los Gatos Fire Station at 306 University Ave, LG.

The Los Gatos Fire Station was originally constructed in 1964 to replace the older main station that had served the town since 1926. The new station was designed with a large apparatus bay with an adjoining crew’s quarters.


Engine 83

The first of the 3 apparatus housed at the Los Gatos is Engine 83. The engine serves as the first out piece of equipment at the station. The Engine is a 2005 KME Class 1 pumper, with a1250 GPM Hale pump and a 600 gallon tank capacity. It carries a master stream device along with equipment for a full paramedic response.

Rescue 83

Rescue 83 is a 2007 KME Custom built Rescue truck with a 1250 GPM Hale pump. The Rescue and its crew of four personnel are part of the department’s, Special Operations Task Force – trained and equipped in Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Confined Space and Trench Rescue and Emergency Medical Response.

Battalion 83

Battalion 83 is a 2009 Ford F250 Diesel command vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive and a mobile command post in the rear.

Station History

The Los Gatos Station is the main station out of the original three that serve the Town. It replaced the long time station on Main Street that had been built in 1926, and now serves as the present day Art Museum of Los Gatos. In 1970, the Los Gatos Fire Department merged with the Santa Clara County Central Fire Protection District. The station serves a very diverse response area, including the downtown, Highway 17, and the mountains above Los Gatos all the way into Santa Cruz County.

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