Wednesday Jun 28, 2017

Rogelio Andreo

Astrophotographer RBA Premium Astrophotography

Rogelio Andreo, Astrophotographer

Introduced by: Moira Sullivan

Astrophotography is a specialized type of photography for recording photos of astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky. The first photograph of an astronomical object (the Moon) was taken in 1840, but it was not until the late 19th century that advances in technology allowed for detailed stellar photography. Besides being able to record the details of extended objects such as the Moon, Sun, and planets, astrophotography has the ability to image objects invisible to the human eye such as dim stars, nebulae, and galaxies. This is done by long time exposure since both film and digital cameras can accumulate and sum light photons over these long periods of time.  Rogelio Andreo’s incredible photography work has won praise and awards in both the scientific community and as stunning art.  His presentation will feature amazing pictures of “the universe out there”, including many from his award-winning book, “Deep Sky Colors”.

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Weekly Meeting Recap - June 21st

By Mike Balistreri
Hello All,
Another great meeting!
We had many door prizes. We celebrated the first day of summer by singing Summertime Blues. We crowned Rotary Champions Katy Brown, Michelle Thompson, Carol Waitte and Pam Murphy.
Lynne announced the Harry Potter Fundraiser (more details next week) You can buy tickets at the link below, but you need to put in promo code ROTARYHP 
We get $15 on each $80 ticket sold
Lynne also had a great Rotary Minute.
Ginger inspired us and gave us an update on Plein Air, which was a great success.
Dan took over and gave us a history of the Lobster Party.
We also made Chris and John of CB Hannegans honorary members and Paul Harris fellows.
We celebrated Kevin Camara’s blue badge.
Tim gave us some bad news about Jim Mealey. 
Thanks for helping with the meeting to Richard, Cookie, Pam, Ron, Kohinoor, Dave, Lynne and Bill.
Next Week – Rogelio Andreo – Astrophotographer


Best Wishes,

Mike Balistreri

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