Wednesday May 10, 2017

Donald Polden

Former Dean and Professor of Law Santa Clara University School of Law

Professor Donald Polden

Introduced by: Tim Lundell

For as long as we can remember, our workforce has been divided between those who work for wages or salary, and those who own their businesses.  But the working world is changing.  We now have Uber drivers, and AirBNB operators, and many other independent contractors who work for themselves without making the commitment of business owners.  This has come to be called the “gig economy”, and it has been predicted that within five years as much as 40% of the workforce will be made up of independent contractors who work in short term temporary positions.  The implications for society are immense, and how will our laws adapt to the changing employment landscape?  This will be the topic of the presentation by Professor Donald Polden, former Dean of the Law School at Santa Clara University, and a leading expert on employment law.

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Club News for All Members

Weekly Meeting Recap - May 11th

By Mike Balistreri
Hello All,
We had another fun meeting, lots of energy, you can tell Plein Air is around the corner! We had a lot to fit into 60 minutes.
Lynn ran the door prize process and ran a fun game.
Cookie reached out to us for Plein air volunteer signups. Please reach out to her if you did not attend.
Trevor gave us real time training on how to like our Facebook page, share the Plein Air event with other Facebook users and he stuck with it through all the questions. Result was lots of activity on the page. Great job Trevor!
Diane updated us on the membership survey. She also encouraged us to form affinity groups.
We had a great vocational by Lisa Sieber who gave a glimpse of her life and work story. If you weren’t there, ask her about Atari next time you see her.
Our speaker was Dean Donald Polden who educated us on how the peer to peer business model is changing the employment environment.
The best part of the meeting was celebrating our new blue badgers – Lisa and Michelle – congratulations!
Thanks to Richard, Lynne, Tim, Trevor, Bill, Lisa, Michelle, Mags, Isabella, Dave and Dave.
Upcoming speakers:
May 17th Andrew Bale – Executive Director of the San Jose Symphony
May 24th Judge Julianna Savage
May 31
st David Burkhart – iPhone Photo Tips
June 7th Ralph Simpson – The Race to Crack the Nazi Code
June 14th San Jose Giants
Best Wishes,
Mike Balistreri
Cell Phone 408-802-8743

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Membership Meeting Rescheduled

By Scott Savage

The May Membership Meeting has been rescheduled from last week to next Monday, May 8, at 7:00 p.m., at Scott Savage’s house, located at 15501 Benedict Lane in Los Gatos.  All Club members are welcome to attend!

Club News for All Members

Club News for All Members

By Mike Balistreri
Hello All,
We had a double speaker meeting today that was inspiring.
Trevor, dressed in cinco de mayo gear, got the door prize. 
Cookie updated us on Plein Air efforts and our role in the process.
Kevin Kinsella, Science Explorer/XC Coach of Fischer Middle School, educated us on how their school has built our Lighting for Literacy project into their curriculum. He also detailed his trip to Colonet with a lot of great pictures. (Sorry, the file is too large to send)
Erica Goss, former Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, presented her Media Poetry Studio a two week camp for girls. You can find out more at the website, their films are at the bottom of the home page.
Thanks to Tim, Scott, Cookie, Pam, Lynne, Bill, Trevor, Dan, Moira, and Ginger for their help at the meeting.
Next Week – Dean Donald Poland – Santa Clara University School of Law
Also, we are looking for a volunteer to help Dave with the audio / visual portion of the meeting.
I will see you at Scott’s on May 5th! 
Best Wishes,

Mike Balistreri

Cell Phone 408-802-8743

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” Henry Ford