Wednesday May 11, 2016

Eric Drew

Founder / Spokesperson / Chairman / Patient Advocate Eric Drew Foundation (

Our Mission is to Give Hope, Save Lives and Reduce Suffering!

The Eric Drew Foundation truly believes that by bringing patients together, we can transform medical industry in a very positive way! By empowering patients with knowledge of the most advanced and non-invasive treatments, we will drive the demand for these more advanced treatments which will raise the quality of medical care exponentially!  The result will be to Give Hope, Save Lives and Reduce the Suffering of millions of people who now have nowhere to turn!

We Believe that

  • Every Patient should have an advocate
  • Every patient should have access to the tools needed to navigate complex medical information on their condition
  • Every medical dilemma has an optimal outcome and it’s realized
  • Every patient should have a network of people to provide support and hope.  “Alone we Struggle.  Together We Heal.”
  • Patient centered care should be standard
  • Patients should be informed about and have access to the most advanced treatments.

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