Wednesday Nov 2, 2016

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Los Gatos Ballet Foundation


To inspire and cultivate appreciation and love of dance by providing quality educational and training programs, superb performances, and collaboration with other arts organizations.

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Faces of Hope 2017

Well done and a big thanks to Jane for a fantastic presentation on her experiences at Faces of Hope 2016. Thanks also to the Club and to the generous donor(s) who supported the trip.

We are looking for a volunteer for the 2017 trip. If anyone is interested please contact any of the members of the International Committee and we will get you the information you need OR even better, speak with an LMGR member who has been on the trip – they all have wonderful stories to tell of how the trip changed their lives and will be happy to share those stories with you together with many useful tips OR follow the link to take you to the Faces of Hope website.