Wednesday Mar 22, 2017

Carrie Zeidman

Carrie Zeidman Fine Art

Introduced by: Moira Sullivan

Carrie’s series, “Ghosts” was conceived during a trip to Poland and Israel in the spring of 2008. While visiting the death camps in Poland she was struck by the overlapping of the past and present in her view of the camps. She spent two years working on transferring those images in her mind to the canvas. After the Holocaust Series was complete, she decided to expand the project to include other tragic events in human history, and in December of 2015 her book Ghosts – Images of War was completed. Carrie is a tenth generation Californian and a fourteenth generation American. Many years of researching her extensive family history, traveling to historic battle grounds, and creating her unique art all come together in her first book. The book contains the original Holocaust images along with images from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, and WWII.

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