Wednesday May 18, 2016

Rick Liuag

Founder and managing partner of Richard Liuag Enterprises, Author and Speaker Richard Liuag Insurance Agency and Safe Money Advisors

Affordable Care Act Insights

After the 2012 presidential election he was convinced The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (or better known as Obamacare) was NOT going to be repeal. He then immersed himself into learning how the new law would impact his business, senior and family clients. Realizing the new law had ramifications for EVERYONE regardless of their station in life, he focused his career on informing and educating business owners, seniors on Medicare, and individuals and families who are responsible for their own health insurance coverage, about how the bill impacts their healthcare cost and more importantly their future access to healthcare itself.

He has spoken to groups throughout the country about the ACA and it’s impact. Like many of his contemporaries did between 2010 and 2013, he had to withstand being called “chicken little”. However now many of those who predicted doom as a result of the new law are being called “Paul Revere”. He’s a sought after speaker who has authored 3 books, “How to Build Your Own Online Insurance Agency”, “What You Can Do If You Can’t Afford the New Obamacare Health Insurance Plan” and soon to be released “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat the Healthcare and Financial Catastrophe Created by Obamacare and How to Protect Yourself”. He still has a very active insurance consulting practice.

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