LGMRC Liaison to Westmont High School’s Interact Club

Posted By Kate MacAllister

As the Los Gatos Morning Rotary Liaison to Westmont High School’s Interact Club I have the great privilege to meet a number of highly motivated and inspiring teens.  One such teen is our current Interact President – I met Nguyen three years ago as a quiet and shy sophomore.  Through her involvement with Interact and the opportunities she has had via Interact, such as President’s Winter Retreat and earning a spot to Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), Nguyen has become a confident young woman who embraces leadership and pours her heart into her community through volunteerism.  I recently had the opportunity to read a piece Nguyen wrote about her experience with Interact thus far – with Nguyen’s permission I included part of it here:

“My freshman year I got involved in Interact Club, and now as a senior, I am president of the club.  Throughout my years of involvement, I have seen the club grow and evolve beyond my expectation and I, myself, have grown and evolved as a leader and a person alongside the club as well.  Looking for something to get involved with, I decided to finally listen to Mrs. Tighe, our Interact teacher advisor, and join Interact.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.  I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first joined.  My freshman year, I noticed the club was small and its activities were limited (almost little to none).  I was always involved in the club – attending events, going to meeting, and participating in fundraisers.  My involvement is what earned me an officer position my sophomore year.  However, I did not begin to explore my leadership qualities until I was chosen to attend PWR, President’s Winter Retreat, a weekend overnight leadership retreat.  After attending, I realized that I was the most awkward person I know in social situations with new people but also I really did not know anything about Interact beyond the limited activities we did at school.  But as I began to get more involved, I discovered a group of people who were open and accepting as well as generous and kind.  From my experience at PWR, I started expanding my involvement far beyond the school level.  My junior year, I became Vice President and took initiative to collaborate with outside volunteer/charity organizations.  We then started collaborating with other schools, a hospice program called VITAS, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and many more organizations by participating in volunteer events and donating money we fundraised.  From being a part of Interact, I learned to be a more confident person and In found myself more social and outgoing.  As a leader in Interact, I also learned that no matter how small my actions are, I can always do something to be better or make something else better – such as Interact.”

If you have interest in being a part of the Youth Services Committee please reach out to Committee Chair, Chris Miller.

Kate MacAllister
Club Secretary
Los Gatos Morning Rotary
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